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Re: Old tasklist interface (Was: RFC: New Tasklist User Interface)


Thanks for the clarification, that helps me put a point on my issue: "upper level" bullets -- even if closed -- appear in the Task List as active even if their sub-items are not *yet* active and not shown themselves because of their dates.

That is, if an open checkbox that isn't yet active because of its date is precluded from the active item list, shouldn't it's closed parent? And then, once it is within the active date range, it and its parent reappear in the task list.

[*] @misc
	[ ] >2022-04 misc item 1 <2022-06
	[ ] >2022-04 item 2 <2022-04-21
	[ ] >2022-04 item 3
	[ ] >2022-05 item 4

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