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Re: Raring on AC100?


On 05/01/2013 09:43 AM, Jeff Lane wrote:

Sigh, so it appears to work now... oddly, I pulled the 0423.1 image the
first time, and that's the one that failed (that's the one that /current
points to".

I pulled it again, verified MD5SUMs, and again verified MD5SUM once I
transferred the tarball to a usb stick.

Re-flashed and This time I have a GUI running.  I don't know what the
difference was... the MD5SUM was actually verified both times I
attempted to install this version, but the first time left me with no GUI.

Oh well :) thanks for replying oli! There must have been a disturbance
in the Force the first time.

Hrmmm... interesting. So as I said, this time, I was able to completely install, get a login and a desktop. Let it sit a bit because I had other things to look into, at the screen just blanked and that's it, no more desktop :(

BUT, if I switch to a different VT then back to VT7, it comes back. So perhaps there's a problem with the screen blanking. Looking at the Screen Saver settings, the default is "Blank Screen" and if I blank the screen manually from there (File/"Blank Screen Now") I am able to un-blank by moving the pointer a bit.

So I knocked the blank time down and waited to see what happens when it blanks on timer. This time I was able to un-blank it by mouse again. At this point, I have no idea whats going on here... but at least it's working.

On to ogra's other point, I'd be happy to test images for you, just, if you could, remind me about it. I meant to do more testing this last time for Raring, but honestly, I had other things going on and didn't think about it until after the fact. So just poke me when you need stuff tested for the AC100 and I'll help you out as much as I can :)

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