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microphone support


Hey, I have a timeline 4810tz, which I love. I installed ubuntu 9.04 64-bit
on it, but get no microphone support. That is, I can't get any sound out of
it. I saw a sit that recommended uninstalling pulseaudio and installing
esound. I did that, but it didn't really help. I might try reinstalling
pulseaudio and trying to use alsamixer with it. I haven't had much luck with
alsamixer either, though.
On an unrelated note, I think I might be having hibernation issues. I don't
think I'm getting the battery life I should be, and I usually set my
computer to hibernate (especially when I'm gone for the day at school or
whatever). But it's just a thought, I can't be sure. Maybe I should just
turn off the lappy when at school. It's not a big issue, the microphone is a
bigger problem.

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