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Re: Fwd: Google+


That could work, but honestly assigning a bug on lp to the UX team
(elementary-design) is probably preferred.
On Mar 27, 2014 8:58 AM, "Shnatsel ." <shnatsel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > That isn't to say that we're not using IRC or the ML anymore, but if
>> you're wondering why they are much quieter, now you know. So if you're not
>> following the elementary community on G+, you should definitely do that.
>> And if you have email notifications turned off for launchpad, you should
>> create some mail filters instead.
>> Also, there are sections within the community; use them. Dan isn't saying
>> we're moving 100% of communication and interaction to Google+, he's saying
>> we've naturally started using it more and at the same time have gotten more
>> efficient with Launchpad. It happens that most developers are on Google+
>> already, so it has become an easy way to get in contact with them.
> Well, maybe it's just me and my timezone, but I haven't met Dan in IRC in
> months.
> So what's the preferred way to request designer input nowadays? Start a G+
> text "hangount"?