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Re: PCBNEW: "Select Layer Pair for Vias" dialog


And i have removed your change in drc.cpp (seen drc.ccp, I hace translated comments in english ( in my english...))

Your problem is not due to a bug in drc.cpp ( perhaps you have 2 pads at the same location, or other problem)

With you change one can connect 2 pads with a netcode set to 0.
But when a pad has the netcode 0, it must *NOT* be connected (no net for this pad, or if you prefer, this is a not connected pin in schematic)

Correct, these are pins not connected, but that might be in the future, and the pins are under a 289 pin BGA. In such a BGA, routing is tricky. So I wanted to route the tracks out to verify that the routing was feasible in the future and leave the tracks unconnected, not the pins.

So I am now thinking I can turn off DRC for this.....

The English comments in the drc.cpp and elsewhere will be helpful for everyone in the future.

Thanks again.