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Re: Mac & "invalid context"


Hi again,

Btw., I also tested building KiCAD against wxWidgets-2.6 (i.e. before they rewrote the Mac backend), and it works fine. A temporary workaround is thus to require wxWidgets-2.6 for the Mac OS X port of KiCad until the current issues with 2.8 are resolved.

If anyone wants to give this a spin and create binary packages, please note that you should edit libs.macosx to turn off debug info and turn on universal binaries.

A make target for building a distribution package (dmg) would also be cool. I can look into this in a couple of weeks as I did smth. similar for another project a while ago. ..or look here for some (autotools based) packaging scripts: https:// source.coin3d.org/viewvc.py/Coin/trunk/packaging/macosx/

~/= Marius

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