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Re: Subversion Changes


Hello Dick!

Please imagine the situation:
You try to quickly find something in a big repository with many tags, branches and so on. When you see the many folders with names like "*2007-Nov", then you can't see the properly sorted folders, but if folders (or files) have names which can be sorted by browser (or by 'ls -l' command), then life will be much easier :-)

I wont to say - do not use versions with words or special signs like '@', better to use only digits, single letters, '.' or '-' simbols.

And second thing.
Why we must invent special collation list for versions?
Better to use clear for all naming scheme from the beginning (and in all situations the same as at start).

On the theory that anybody with a browser can show up and vote, and that
this somehow impacts what actually happens, then I vote for better zone

Hmmm, how long do I have to wait? I don't see it yet.

Maybe those voting should write a constitution, and then we can discuss
that and ratify it.

If you want, then you can easily make any page for voting at wiki.

But first we should decide if we want a democracy or a republic. (I say

Not always one man (even smart) can make a good solution for entire community. I think democracy better suited for open source projects. But this is not mean that a developers must make what wants other (non developers) :-)
Good developers can hear others and make a conclusions - what is better.

In the end, those doing the work get to decide. The change_log.txt
spells out who that is right now, hmmm, in there I see Jean-Pierre,
Geoff and a few others.

I won't support any constitution that gives equal voting rights to
anyone with a browser. Voting rights in any constitution I support
would have to be proportional to the amount of development time invested
by that voter.

(Of course, I would prefer the same for my voting rights as a U.S.
Citizen, that they be proportional to the amount taxes a voter pays.)

</tongue in cheek mode>

This is the reality of open source. However, anyone should remain open
to good ideas, if they are expressed well and persuasively. And any
developer can probably be hired to perform anything at a negotiated fee.

I think you are right in a questions regarding a free svn usage, but better to use accustomed solutions from many people and documentation.

Best regards!
Igor Plyatov

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