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Re: Devel list at SF


Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:

1. Identify needs.

I am listening, and what I hear so far about "Identify Needs":

1A* Mail list to accept attachments
1B* Patch management: accepted, rejected, pending
1C* Tracking issue changes need to be echoed into a mailing list
1D* stability of site (if it is measurable)

I don't have a problem with the current wiki. So I can't see where we need to add anything regarding the wiki.

2. Identify software supporting needs.

Premature observations about "Identify software supporting needs":

I did not get a warm feeling about Trac's abiltity to handle 1B.

3. Identify what machine can host software supporting needs.
4. Identify who will implement solution

And in my opinion, we are still at step 1.

Then I will give my own opinion:

- I checked launchpad.net, I don't like it because
1) it forces the use of bazaar instead of subversion
2) it focus on forum and not mailing-list. I just don't have the time to navigate in forums

- What I liked in other lists that you might consider:
3) lwip list http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/lwip/ has an interesting feature: all modifications to it's bug-tracking is echoed to the list, this makes it much easier to follow up on discussions there 4) most project hosting don't provide a wiki, but this can be hosted at wikia, have a look: http://lwip.wikia.com 5) a wiki with WYSIWYG would be *much* better. it reduces time to get things right, so more can be written... (I have installed one for myself with MediaWiki and FCKeditor extention, it is great, PHP5/MySQL only!)

- and an important aspect:
6) he provider has to be reliable for many years into the future. I have seen *lots* of interesting sites just disapear
7) DO WE REALLY HAVE TO MOVE? It will take a lot of work, who has that time?


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