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Re: kicad save file format


Damien RANNOU wrote:
Yeah sorry about that, this was just a suggestion.

I'm trying to fix it !

What about putting \n in the text that you are saving?

so that if you load the file into a text editor, you actually see \n

For example:
here is the first line\nhere is the second

What I am saying is that this is not a newline, but rather a human readable \n combo of two characters that is interpreted as a new line.


Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

Damien RANNOU wrote:


My name is Damien RANNOU, I'm a hardware and software developer in a
French company, and I use kicad since 3 years ago (I was using it in a
french robotic association).

I recently commited some modifications in eeschema and pcbnew, to be
able to write multilines text. I found some bugs, that I'm trying to

This sounds like you created a bug, not found a bug.

The biggest one is that if you save a eeschema with a multiline
Text, you will not be able to load it because file format doesn't allow
multiline text.

It is good to know where you are going before you begin your trip.

I agree that the file format cannot support your changes. But this is
an involved discussion that cannot be made by one person, especially one
that just arrived. I suggest you look at all previous postings about
file formats.



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