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Re: Layers visibility [1 Attachment]


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Ing. Gabriele Oberhammer" <gabriele@...> wrote:
> Thanks for all the replays :-)

Well my 2 (euro)cents :D

I'd LOVE this feature :D near the end, while checking planes and such I always switch on/off the layer a lot of time... it isn't fun when a part protrudes where it shouldn't, or fills are interrupted by narrow gaps :D

What I would propose is this: just a toolbar of small toggle buttons (like the imperial/metric ones), containing the layer color and maybe the number or a one-two letter abbreviation of the layer name (the full name could be in a tooltip). Bonus points for configurability of which layers go in that toolbar; for example I never use adesive (who does SMD with a solder fountain these days?) but often use an ECO layer for peel solder resist to protect manual soldering zones...