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Re: Generic Object Properties Dialog


I like the idea about generic object properties dialog, which is dynamic
depending on which objects are selected. I remember the object properties
in Protel DXP. You had a spreadsheet like editor and an object filter.

Generally we should do more research for UI with existing software products,
just to get an idea what do we need. AND I do not mean copying! Just research.


Dne petek 26. junija 2009 ob 08:01:20 je Dick Hollenbeck napisal(a):
> Brian Sidebotham wrote:
> > Continuing on from the previous thread about a Layer Visibility
> > dialog, or tool palette I started taking a quick look at what would be
> > involved in a common object properties dialog. I created a quick
> > dialog, which is modeless and floats above PCBNEW. It is quick for
> > editing object positions, but that is about all it does at the moment!
> >
> > I got stuck actually, or didn't really know which way to head. I
> > created a dialog using wxFormBuilder and I started adding wxPanels
> > with the hidden attribute set to true. The intention was to make them
> > visible when they are pertinent to the object type that is currently
> > selected. However, this seems to fail as the panel is simply displayed
> > at the top left of the dialog instead of part of the vertical sizer
> > layout. I will have to investigate. If I manage to fix that I will
> > generate a patch for anyone who wishes to have a look at it.
> It would be very unusual to develop a dialog in this way. Normally you
> have to have a separate dialog window for each type of object that you
> want to inspect. It may be perceived as more work initially (and
> probably is not) but will be more maintainable over the long haul.
> Dick

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