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Re: Kicad build fails with Boost 1.34 (documentation


Alain Mouette wrote:
Hi Dick,

Thanks for your answer, but is to help me USE boost. I downloaded boos, it compiled to 500MB in my drive...

Maybe you did not compile enough! Keep compiling. The more the better.

I want to make a *NEWBIE GUIDE TO KICAD* which nobody seems to care. I cannot ask a newbie to install boost from scratch, he will just turn back to Windows and more talk to me...

cmake is another problem by itself, it is one more packade to install from scratch, but at least it does it gracefully...

A freiend of mine did find a tutorial to install boost 1.37: he added jaunty repository, installed boost 1.37, removed jaunty. This just seems too dangerous... but i shows that it works.

*IF SOMEONE WOULD CARE TO MAKE A LIST OF FILES LINKS* or at least help me doing it.

and I hate boost all the time more.


Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:

Philip Axer wrote:


On Tue, 2009-09-15 at 09:26 -0500, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:


I don't see why we would need this kind of effort!

You mean the 1/2 hour I spent trying to help someone?

Please speak up if you think my time was worth it. Otherwise I can sure find better ways to spend it.

I think Axer doesn't even understand the problem, let alone the solution.


kicad compiles with
1.37 which can be considered as "old" (as stated before boost is
currently at 1.40)! People who want to compile a piece of code by hand
should be able to handle the dependencies on their own. Especially if it
is THAT easy (ubuntu jaunty: sudo apt-get install libboost1.37-dev)
It is totally the wrong spot to work on simplifying the compilation
procedure in order to enable the "ordinary" end-user to build his own
packages. Why not putting the effort in building kicad packages which
automatically solve the dependency issue. I'm pretty sure that most
users are not interested in the code anyways.

Well speaking of which, I have set up a ppa on launchpad containing up
to date kicad packages. These are nightly builds, thus UNSTABLE!. You
can expect daily updates (if there have been commits):


It's still in a testing phase, so I'd be glad for feedback.



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