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Re: Kicad build fails with Boost 1.34 (documentation


Resending to the list. Sorry, I send it first only to Philip

well, we have more missunderstanding... please bear with me untill the
real question bellow :)

Philip Axer escreveu:
to make it even easier for you to download all files use this command:
It will automatically download all deb files from the given url:
wget --no-parent -A.deb -r -nd http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/b/boost1.37

My hole point from the start id to NOT install the whole *stupidly big*

not the package is broken!
libboost-serialization1.37-dev depends on libboost-serialization1.37
(the one is not working without the other)
you also need to download the other package!

Yes, I explained (tried to) that I know that if I install the other
package it works... The problem is that *it should not install* it there
is a dependency.

=> So THE QUESTION: how do I make dpkg not install if it is not ok?????

Thanks for you patience (I just hope that you have a little left)

PS: I just compiled kicad with those 3 files and it works, so now the
problem is just how to make sure thar DPG behaves as expected

On Sep 16, 2009, at 12:29 AM, Alain Mouette wrote:
Philip Axer escreveu:
Sorry I missed that you are still on 8.04! Sorry for that...
Now I get your entire point :)
Try those! Those are the jaunty packages!

Yeees, now I am getting somewhere :)

But I need help with a little problem related to DPKG:
if I get these 2 pacages:
# libboost1.37-dev_1.37.0-3ubuntu3_i386.deb
# libboost-serialization1.37-dev_1.37.0-3ubuntu3_i386.deb
and install with "dpkg -i *.deb"

the second one has a dependency of
# libboost-serialization1.37.0_1.37.0-3ubuntu3_i386.deb

dpkg installs and the pakage reports as broken.

==>>MY QUESTION IS: how do I make dpkg not install a broken packade???

I already spent one hour reading manuals and google and they just say that dpkg checks dependencies... so???