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Re: Command ID refactoring.


Your welcome. I figure anything I can do to improve life for developers
is a win all the way around.

(I just got my new computer, which I treat myself to once per every 5 years or so. I pushed the envelop WAY out this time. Cannot wait to take on one of those big compiles. The machine is quite a large step forward, and I loaded it with 64 bit Ubuntu Jaunty instead of 32 bit Hardy. )

I'm jealous! These days my lowly AMD Athlon 4200 dual core is starting
to get a little long in the tooth. It's only a few years old so I'm
about half way to my next system. By the time I'm due for a new
machine, 8 cores, 16GB of memory, and 2TB hard drives should be the
norm. Enjoy your new computer!

8 cores, 12 GB ram, 3 Tbytes disk for me *now* on this new one. You have to lead those moving targets :)

Like trap shooting...

I figure I will reserve about 5 gb RAM as a ramdisk, copy all the stuff into there, and compile out of RAM. The whole thing should build in just a few seconds.

Maybe I'll see a productivity boost, or at least move my brain into the critical path.


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