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Re: [PCBNEW] PATCH: easier moving of zone corners


Rok Markovič wrote:

I would like to know why there was no response to my patch. (At least negative one, like This stuff is not useful :) ) I think many of us, use a lot of time to edit zones. At least poards for power electonics have many zones and complicated shapes. Now you have to make 3 or 4 clicks to move a corner. With this patch you need one. Did I do something wrong? I understand if you are not prepared to
merge the patch into svn, but response is always welcome (even negative one).



I think it just got lost on the mailing list. Sometimes you have to politely make noise. There are two things that might help with a situation like this in the future:

1) perhaps you can address the patch to the person whom you suspect wrote the original code, on the theory that that person has the most investment in the feature and therefore cares about the way it works most.

2) if we had a better place to put patches. I personally do not think a mailing list is optimal for this, given the limited set of organizational structure that this project has.

I would love to see us move the entire project to launchpad.net.

The guys at Canonical have done a tremendous job over there.

In such an environment you can post patches and comment on them, or even create your own tree without rights to the main tree.

It is quite a phenomenal site.

The fact that you did not get a NAK means nobody has objected to you it yet, but I don't think anybody has had the time to test it.