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Re: where footprints come from (was Re: Re: Internal PCB Units?)


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> With the footprint library 
> plug-in for such library, which physically exists on his website, you 
> never make a copy of the library, you grab the part from his website.

Yup. If the part changes at the source, will there be a mechanism for
the user to learn about this, and to (optionally of course) pull the
update ? I suppose cache maintenance in general would be the plugin's
duty ?

> C++
> plugin->DoSomething()

Sure, but that could be anything :) Would the API have sort of a
directory structure (at least conceptually), with listing and
traversal functions ? Or some other iterative means to narrow down
the selection to a single footprint ?

> Or that they can at least make suggestions to my basic
> (footprint .....) file format proposed 3 weeks ago, and have those 
> available by April.

Hmm, so you would be willing to add constructs that help automate
the generation of footprints ? E.g., named values ("variables"),
expressions and repetitions ?

- Werner

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