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Re: where footprints come from (was Re: Re: Internal


Werner Almesberger wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

With the footprint library plug-in for such library, which physically exists on his website, you never make a copy of the library, you grab the part from his website.

Yup. If the part changes at the source, will there be a mechanism for
the user to learn about this, and to (optionally of course) pull the
update ? I suppose cache maintenance in general would be the plugin's
duty ?



Sure, but that could be anything :) Would the API have sort of a
directory structure (at least conceptually), with listing and
traversal functions ? Or some other iterative means to narrow down
the selection to a single footprint ?

Sometime near April or when I get to it, I would start by posting a *.h file to this list, which would document my intentions and the proposed "footprint retrieval API" for PCBNEW. The C++ comments would be in a format that could be run through Doxygen and create a nice API document in HTML.

There will be some time to offer feedback and enhancements. Actually enhancements can be added for years to come, even after the initial code is written.

Werner, until then I have to confess to that I do not have the brain cycles available to do this work now. I am contributing a "layer selection widget" to Kicad at this time and want to get it out before the pending release.

Sorry. We will be working on getting this release out, and the plug-in architecture will have to wait.

And as I said before, I have done plug-ins architectures before (several).

So if I go quite for awhile, please do not be offended. (I am trying to do more work and less talking this year, but I am not optimistic about accomplishing this, since it is easier to yammer and gab than to work.)


Or that they can at least make suggestions to my basic
(footprint .....) file format proposed 3 weeks ago, and have those available by April.

Hmm, so you would be willing to add constructs that help automate
the generation of footprints ? E.g., named values ("variables"),
expressions and repetitions ?

- Werner