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Re: Kicad libraries for pcbnew


On Tue, 3 Aug 2010, Øyvind Aabling wrote:

The long-term solution is of course support for pin function-to-number
mapping, including, in this case, free interchange (with
backport to eeschema) of the two equivalent AC inputs.

Yes, pin and gate/part swapping is one of the reasons for library rework.

It's a Radeon HD 4670 (RV730XT), and only KiCad got it totally wrong.
The Mesa demos and varkon worked just fine.

If it's a crash then it may be fixed with just reordering the gl initialization commands. I stumbled on the same problem with r300 hardware and few lines of Python. Intel and r200 were just fine no matter what the init command order. I'm not sure where to look anymore, but the fix was just a two liner. The code and the hw needs some looking around at the moment. I'll send the bit of Python to you if it's of value.

I described the problem about six-seven months ago on
kicad-devel, but I can't remember the post number (or
find the piece of paper, where I wrote it down ...).
Kicad-devel is now totally gone on yahoo,
and google can't find the post on launchpad.

I remember and I share your frustration with the search...

Yes, IMHO, a sinewave made from two semi-circles looks awful :-)

Oval arcs could be an acceptable alternative, but
AFAICS, kicad can't do those (only _circle_ arcs).

Oh, I do agree :) How about Beziers? I think Lorenzo added them to EESchema at least. I have no idea about PCBnew, but Beziers would be prettier than anything. Any comments, Lorenzo?


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