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Re: Tutorial about IPC-7531A


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On 09/01/2010 08:20 PM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
>> No. From the datasheets, I thought it was 10 seconds. Actually _every_
>> datasheet I have ever read states 10 seconds @260C .
> So? 10 seconds are at least 3:D and it needs only to survive 255C, with
> a peak at 260.
Unless the 10 seconds are binary. :-p

>> You're writing LaTeX code BY HAND!!???? This is amazing.
>> I could not see myself using anything other than Lyx for the job, so +2
>> for you.
> I wrote a *lot* of technical paper/manuals in LaTeX, and it's
> actually quite easy (my prologue was perfected in almost two years). Of
> course for strange things you need to look at the book:D And I don't
> know if you could write in a little over a day that doc using
> word/openoffice with their equation editors:P
No, but I did write much more complex stuff (with tons of college-level
physics equations) in a couple of hours with Lyx. Try and beat that.
Wait, you probably will. :-p

>> Did you have to sign off your unborn baby for it as well?
> They say 'contact us for membership', so maybe clicking on the link
> would evoke an horned beast smelling of sulfur...
Unless Bill Gates got to them first.

Coming from I joke I came across on fedoraforum:
> Geek 1: "I hear when you play a Windows CD backwards, it gives Satanic messages".
> Geek 2: "That's nothing. When you play it forward, it installs Windows".

>> And people like you, which help share the knowledge (and in a legal
>> way). It's actually interesting how I, as a hobbyist (for now) take
>> advantage of your contributions, and you might one day profit from the
>> contributions that I am to (hopefully) make. Everybody's happy.
> Let just say that Mentor 'entry level' package is more or less EUR 4000,
> Orcad sucks by definition (I think is the only cad of the world which
> broke backward compatibility on its own files...) 

That is just hilarious.

> and eagle is little more than a toy. 

They actually have an autorouter. (ie: no need to route boards by hand).

> We've got a partner who swear for Altium (but that's
> even more expensive...).
If they dropped Altium, and invested a 10th of that into kicad, they'd
get something even better. Sucks for them.

> In about 2 years I've done more than 10 board, and 4 of them are still
> in production (about 200pc/month each), so I would say that as EDA kicad
> works fine for our needs:D (and BTW we have the DXF exporter because our
> mechanical designer wanted a file containing the mounting holes)
As I stated earlier, the only thing in kicad that a plummer could clean
is the autorouter. Just the obscenely numerous plot formats are amazing.
It's the only Plot'n'Play package I came across. :)

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