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Re: A few extra component footprins


On Mon, 6 Sep 2010, Alex G wrote:

But you have to also look at the bleeding edgeness of kicad. A bounding
box looks like crap. One reason why I love Oyvind's library is the
vividness of the 3D models. One could design a board for a customer, and
send 3d screenshots of the board. Would that not be appealing?

OK, it's for eye-candy :D:D do your customers actually *look* at the
boards? (there could be a case with tube amplifiers, anyway...) Maybe
it's our kind of business but usually they don't even *ask* if there's
a board inside the product. OTOH they want the latest OLED color display
at the price of STN character modules, but I'm digressing...

For engineering, an orthographic view for the 3D viewer is a must. I
will try and patch that once I get libiges out of my way. Hopefully,
I'll learn enough about the internals of kicad to be of some real use.

Doing an ortho for the 3D viewer is actually easy, just load the right
projection matrix. Is this useful? no, since it's only on screen without
all the surrounding for reference.

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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