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Re: Potential issues with oaa_ lib


On Wed, 8 Sep 2010, Alex G wrote:

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I believe it would make sense, for the D-SUB connectors, to only place
the pad on the back side, so as to free up space for tracks on the front
side. I'm not sure if this is necessarily wise (problems with
through-hole plating?), but I'm throwing it as an idea. What do you think?

Usually PTH components should have pads on both faces for 3 reasons:
1) A pad on a single layer is prone to delamination (especially if you
need to rework it; the plating barrel and the opposite pad have great
effect on mechanical strength;
2) If there is a plating barrel and hole clearance is correct the whole
hole would be filled with solder (better electrical and mechanical
3) You would forfait access to *all* the other layers (for example
supply planes); also is almost impossible to route all the pins from an
HD connector on one layer keeping solder pads big enough for good

Since at the moment kicad hasn't a padstack facility (i.e. for reducing
pads on the inner/components layers) it should be user that, only when
needed, would remove the pad.

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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