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Re: Potential issues with oaa_ lib


On Thu, 9 Sep 2010, Alex G wrote:

For the D-SUB connectors which I was proposing this, it shouldn't really
matter, as the pad is left unconnected anyway. If we name all the
mounting pads "Shield", then I don't think DRC will have an issue in the
event they are connected to something.

I think it would have to say something :D if it doesn't it is wrong, in
my opinion... even if it's only for mechanical fixturing it must comply
with electrical clearance *at least*. Especially for connectors since
shields usually go to the chassis *and* they actually have to be
grounded to be called shield :P

For unsupported holes (i.e. non plated, non conducting, tooling or
fixing holes) thing are a little different but you should anyway keep
manufacturing clearance (which can be from 0,1mm to 0,5mm depending on
your drill process).

Keeping the D-SUB example, a plastic boardlock like the one I use only
need mechanical clearance. A screw fastened one need both mechanical and
electrical clearance (maybe even below the head/nut, depending on you
reliability level)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl