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Re: Potential issues with oaa_ lib


On Sun, 5 Sep 2010, Øyvind Aabling wrote:

I've now added the perl code, released under
"GNU GPL 3 or later", it's in revision 5 :-)

I'll address the various library issues in the next revision
(some of them needs double-checking of datasheets, etc.):

* DB/DSUB mounting pad size (the consensus seems to be 7.4mm :-),
* The SOD523 SMD diode with overlapping pins,
* The SMD pads on SMD Alu Electrolytes (C-AEC-*),
* LED pin numbering (ouch),
* DFN vs. TDFN (they're probably the same ...).

Except for the DFN vs. TDFN clarification,
these issues have been addressed in revision 6.

The LED pin problem turned out to be not the pins, but that both the
silkscreen and the 3D body was rotated 180 deg - I have double-checked
with the eeschema LED symbol and actual LEDs and a 1.5V battery
(it was a half-dead battery, so no burned LEDs even w/o a resistor :-)

Also, I've added perl/README.perl, which is a very quick and very
incomplete perl tutorial, and perl/README.pcblibs which is more
useful, as it contains an overview of the pcblibs code structure.

If anything in perl/README.pcblibs is unclear (or
missing), lemme know, and I'll try to clarify.
For further info, Use the Source, Luke, or ask me :-)


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