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Re: Improving usability of KiCad


> I wonder if it occurred to others - if the inch had been defined as 25.6 instead of 25.4/mm this 
> problem would have been quite different.  

I thought the inch was defined first.

> I do think the inch will die out someday. 

That's what they said in here in the USA in the 1960's.  And then Dr.
Spock came along and the world got soft, teachers got a break, kids got
a break.  In the 1960's I remember there being a commitment to learn
metric, then that commitment went away, because it meant, ahem, work and
study and teaching. Not just for kids in school but also for adults out
of school.

It might have been a nice thing to do with the Y2K initiative.  You
know, declare the inch dead.  The problem obviously is the machine
tools, tools, etc.  But if we simply started measuring everything in
metric, the 2.54 that we would see everywhere would eventually get
tiresome and the machines would eventually get made in metric.


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