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Re: New part file format document.


On 12/16/2010 04:45 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> On 12/16/2010 02:50 PM, Simon Rogers wrote:
>> Could the schematic support multiple parts lists?
>> I'm thinking of the problem supporting different builds say a European 
>> version or a US version where the schematic is the same but with 
>> component value changes due to, for example, 50Hz or 60Hz supply or the 
>> different voltages, regulations etc.
> No, that's a can of worms.


First, for an extra fee you can probably get anything you can pay for in Kicad.

But for the standard entry fee, you may someday get the following, single parts list, mutliple value

Take a look at the attached image, lower right corner.  There is a schematic there with a parts list
in it.  It is edited separately from the current schematic, previously in time.  The UI for the
parts list is a spreadsheet within EESCHEMA.

Now lets say you have two of these SCHEMATIC_LIB_SOURCE schematics, i.e. another one with your
alternate parts in it, one for EU and one for USA.  Neither schematic has any wires or components of
interest, only the parts lists.  You use EECHEMA to load those previously in time and manage both of
their parts lists.  You take care that every part is defined in both parts lists.

Now when editing the main, top most schematic in the diagram, a library table comes to bear.  It has
a schematic resident portion, and a personal table portion, but somewhere in either is a row
defining a logical library by the name of meparts.  (Even though you may not be Irish.)

Library table:

logical    URI        type
meparts    USA.sch    schematic
#meparts   EU.sch     schematic

Then in your upper schematic which holds the design of interest, make all your parts list parts
inherit from LPID with logical library named "meparts".  (If you are not Irish you can use a
different logical library name.)

The parts flow from either of the two alternative LIB_SOURCES into your parts list, depending on the
contents of your library table.

The parts in your top most parts list would have to look like this:

(part XYX extends meparts:XYX)

I hope that rocks your world,


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