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Re: [PATCH] wxWidgets 2.8 under Graphics Abstraction Layer Lib (GAL)


On 01/07/2011 09:34 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> On 1/7/2011 9:53 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> On 01/07/2011 05:24 AM, "Torsten Hüter" wrote:
>>> Hi Wayne,
>>>> Is there a reason why you chose to include a copy of the glew source
>>>> instead of
>>>> using the version installed on your distro?  The reason I ask is that it
>>>> does
>>>> not build properly on Windows using MinGW/MSYS.  I download the latest
>>>> glew
>>>> source code an built as a DLL, installed it, commented out glew.c in the
>>>> sources list, and successfully built gal_test.exe and
>>>> test_rubberbanding.exe.
>>>> Both programs run properly on Windows.  I also validated that it still
>>>> builds
>>>> on Linux.  If there is no specific reason to include the glew source with
>>>> GAL,
>>>> I will remove it and commit the changes.
>>> I believe the only reason was that this version is (or was) more recent. But I also think it doesn't need to be in the distro, feel free to remove it. 
>>> Thanks,
>>> Torsten
>> If we ever need a newer version, and any of us go to the trouble of building
>> it, it would be nice if we tried to capture the steps to do so in one of
>> those CMake ExternalProject commands, and then find a way to make that
>> operation conditional.  The ExternalProject support can even do internet
>> downloads.
>> At least, I will make this commitment.
> Dick,
> GLEW uses pkg-config so I set the version check to >= 1.5.0  The current
> release of GLEW is 1.5.7.  Ubuntu 10.10 ships with 1.5.2 and Debian testing is
> 1.5.4 so 1.5.0 seems reasonable but I have not confirmed that.  Please give me
> a couple of hours and I will make this commit so you can add the external
> project dependency.  Otherwise one of us will end up with a merge error in
> CMakeList.txt.
> Wayne

No problem.  That was just a commitment to perform, conditioned on:

"If we ever need a newer version".  I have not met with that trigger
condition need, and don't expect to do so in the very near future, if ever.

My main point was that it should be a general readiness on the parts of all
of us: to incorporate build knowledge into our CMake scripts.  It can be
helpful for package maintainers, and those that have older distros.