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Re: [PATCH] Saving plot dialog settings


On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 3:20 PM, jean-pierre charras
<jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Most of time plot subdirectory is a subdirectory of the current working
> directory.
> Mainly in this case (easy to detect), the stored path must be relative to
> the CWD.
> Do not forget the CWD can easily change for a given project( for instance
> when you copy/move/save your projects)
> Do do forget to store paths names in "unix like" form, i.e. replace \ by /
> (if any).
> This ensure Kicad files compatibility between platforms, especially for
> subdirectories in the CWD, because (unlike the full path) the relative path
> usually does not depend of platform.

I made a commit a while ago. Now the output directory can be absolute
or relative to the board file path. I trust wxFileName to do the heavy
lifting when it comes to compatibility of relative paths between
operating systems. The only thing done in this regard in the
pcbplot.cpp code is the replacement of backslashes with forward
slashes. Windows should be ok with that. All this needs testing in
windows, of course.