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Re: bzr rev 2945 commit: a file change breaks Kicad


On 4/4/2011 5:05 PM, Jerry Jacobs wrote:
> On 4/4/11 10:43 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> On 4/4/2011 3:51 PM, Jerry Jacobs wrote:
>>> On 4/4/11 9:41 PM, jean-pierre charras wrote:
>>>> Jerry,
>>>> Your last change in rev 2945 in file:
>>>> common/hotkeys_basic.cpp
>>>> breaks Kicad.
>>>> The reason is when a key is added in a menu, with a \t before it, it
>>>> become a shortcut.
>>>> Therefore type is key is exactly equivalent to click on this menu, and
>>>> this key is no more sent to the kicad key handler..
>>> I don't know for sure, but for me on OS X all the Placement hotkeys which I
>>> tested (in EESchema) works as expected. With wxWidgets 2.9.2 svn. And don't
>>> break the hotkey internals, correct me if I'm wrong.
>> Jerry,
>> It is important understand that hot keys are not the same as menu or tool bar
>> short cuts.  The menu and tool bar commands require an extra left mouse click
>> to create the object associated with the current tool.  Hot keys on the other
>> hand, create the object immediately at the current cursor position.  While your
>> change may work, it had to change the behavior of the hot key.  Your change
>> would have remapped the hot key to the equivalent place menu command.
>>>> This break Kicad, because many hotkeys does not the same thing as you
>>>> are click on menus.
>>>> Mainly because hot keys use current mouse cursor position (start a wire,
>>>> zoom, ...)
>>>> and obviously this is not possible when clicking on a menu.
>>>> This is true for menus in frame menu bar, not pop up menus, because they
>>>> are not active.
>>>> So in many cases keys added in menus in the menu bar are only comments,
>>>> not shortcuts.
>>> This "bad" comments "break" the Mac UI policy and are a bit ugly compared to
>>> the defaults.
>> I do agree with you assessment about the comments.  Not as much from a UI
>> policy standpoint as from a behavior standpoint.  Pressing the W key to begin
>> drawing a wire is not the same as selecting the wire tool and left clicking to
>> begin drawing a wire.  They are not the same thing so adding the comment is
>> confusing.
>>>> Please, unless you known (with wxWidgets) how to see the difference
>>>> between click on a menu
>>>> and click on the corresponding hotkey,
>>>> (I do not know how to do that, and if this is possible, because the same
>>>> event is sent,
>>>> perhaps try to use wxEvent::GetEventType() to do that, but this needs a
>>>> lot of changes),
>>>> go back to the previous version of common/hotkeys_basic.cpp.
>>>> Aesthetic reason to this change is not a good reason, if this change
>>>> breaks the previous behavior.
>>>> Currently, most of hotkeys are not working properly.
>>> It is no problem to revert back to the previous version of this file.
>> If that is what you are going to do, please let me know as I have a commit
>> ready to submit.  I hold off until I hear otherwise.
> I would love to uncommit the change on common/hotkeys_basic.cpp but still the
> devil hides behind Bazaar. @Wayne, maybe you could revert this file to the
> state of rev 2944 which doesn't break. Then the commits can carry on.
> Still I'm trying to learn the bzr way of doing SCM, sorry guys!

The command you are looking for is:

bzr revert -r VERSION [FILE]

the command to revert hotkeys_basic.cpp to it's previous version would be:

bzr revert -r 2861 common/hotkeys_basic.cpp.

I'll go ahead and revert it my next commit.


>> Wayne
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