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Re: FindwxWidgets.cmake


> MinGW is not a prerequisite.  Having a valid compiler is a prerequisite.  MSVC,
> Borland, etc are all valid generator targets for CMake.  Using CMake to
> download and build wxWidgets will be more beneficial to these users than MinGW
> users.  My guess is most MinGW users are likely to install MSYS which means you
> can build wxWidgets using autotools since this is the process described in the
> Kicad build documentation for windows.
> Wayne


Brian may be serving a different master here.   But I think he and I are on
the same page.  MSYS is not a requirement and should be avoided if it can
be, and he has found away around it.

MinGW is the preferred compiler IMO.  The rest is noise and can be handled
by those that want to stray from the path which comes with the most support,
and do so without support.


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