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Re: [PATCH] new hotkeys window + some menu entry mistakes corrected + CONTRIBUTE file added


Simon and Fabrizio, you're both right! I see a major miscommunication taking
place. Let me have a crack at fixing that!

1) Fabrizio is rightly concerned with intuitive operation of the software.
2) Simon and Jean-Pierre are rightly concerned with efficient low fatigue
operation of the software.

It seems to me to be fundamentally wrong to show a key next to a menu item
and then have it do something different to what the menu item does. That is
not intuitive at all.

The solution has to be to display a listing of hot keys and associated
actions for them somewhere that isn't the menu, perhaps a dialog called from
the place menu with a choice such as "show hotkeys". And to add ctrl-?
options to the place menu items that require to be able to be selected from
the keyboard rather than just the hot key variants that also do other work
at the same time.

I hope for the sake of all users that a solution that meets the needs of
both group 1) and group 2) is found :-)



On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 8:54 PM, Simon Schubert <2@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 09/04/2011 08:48 PM, fabrizio wrote:
>> i.e. for J (add junction), the Junction tool is selected, but J does not
>>> add
>>> a junction
>> this is correct and I believe this is exactly how GEDA works. Only
>> because you press J that does not mean that the use wants to place a
>> junction where the cursor is. A second click should be need to place
>> the Junction.
>> I really would like people in charge of the KiCad development to
>> reconsider this point.
> Why would you change that?  It is clearly faster to place a junction by
> pressing J than having to switch to the junction tool (J) and then click.
>  The wire tool is even more important to be short cut.
> cheers
>  simon
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