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Re: [PATCH] new hotkeys window + some menu entry mistakes corrected + CONTRIBUTE file added


On 9/4/2011 2:48 PM, fabrizio wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 6:00 PM, jean-pierre charras
> <jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Le 04/09/2011 13:32, fabrizio a écrit :
>>> jean-pierre,
>>> in attachment you can find the patch for the kicad version I got one
>>> hour ago with:
>>> bzr branch lp:kicad kicad_ft
>>> this is what it changes:
>>> $ bzr status
>>> added:
>>>   CONTRIBUTE.txt
>>> modified:
>>>   common/confirm.cpp
>>>   common/hotkeys_basic.cpp
>>>   eeschema/hotkeys.cpp
>>>   eeschema/menubar.cpp
>>>   gerbview/hotkeys.cpp
>>>   include/confirm.h
>>>   pcbnew/hotkeys.cpp
>>> Let me know if you have any problem
>>> Regards
>>> Fabrizio
>> The patch is now usable.
>> I tested it.
>> In menus, (as expected unfortunately), changing <X> to /tX (i.e. changing
>> hotkey to accelerator menu) does not work:
>> Hotkeys does not work anymore.
> Please allow me to say that I believe this is not true. It does work
> and I believe it works in the right way.


Did you not get the response I sent to the email you sent directly to me
yesterday?  I suggested that you add a key modifier (Ctrl, Alt, etc.) as
the menu accelerator.  That way the hot key behavior is maintained and
you get behavior you expect from the selecting the menu entry that
requires a second mouse click to begin the drawing.  This way you get
the best of both worlds.  I would make every effort to make the hot key
and menu accelerator the same letter.  In other words, use Alt-W for the
menu accelerator for the place wire tool.

>> i.e. for J (add junction), the Junction tool is selected, but J does not add
>> a junction
> this is correct and I believe this is exactly how GEDA works. Only
> because you press J that does not mean that the use wants to place a
> junction where the cursor is. A second click should be need to place
> the Junction.
> I really would like people in charge of the KiCad development to
> reconsider this point.

I respectfully disagree with you on this issue.  Pressing W is _not_ the
same action as clicking the wire tool or selecting the draw wire menu
item nor should it be.  It is a draw wire immediately at the current
cursor position action.  It saves two cursor moves and a left mouse
click to perform a draw item action.  I believe removing the hot key
behavior is going to be largely rejected by most Kicad users.


>> (I must say it is not the first time contributors try to change the ugly <X>
>> message, but this always break hotkeys)
>> Using a wxHtmlWindow to show current hotkey list is a very good idea.
>> (I can commit a patch relative to this last enhancement, if you do it)
>> --
>> Jean-Pierre CHARRAS
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