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Re: [PATCH] new hotkeys window + some menu entry mistakes corrected + CONTRIBUTE file added


Le 05/09/2011 10:01, fabrizio a écrit :
thanks for your e-mail. Yes I did receive it, sorry if I did not
answer... I didn't really know what to answer.

Well I think what you propose is good, I am happy to change all
"accelerator" keys in to ctrl-X. Would that satisfy all you guys ?

PS thanks Fred for the diplomatic e-mail.

Is the proposed way means use W as hotkey and ctrl-W accelerator for the same function (add wire) ?
This way has some drawback:
- most of keys are used, so new hotkeys will use ctrl-X or alt-X.
- hot keys are programmable, and ctrl-W or alt-key could be selected by an user for some hotkey.
  and L and ctrl-L are already in use. Should the place label menu use alt-L key ?).
What happens ( Do you want the hot keys editor to have 2 entries: one for the hotkey and one for the corresponding  accelerator?  )?

I believe the problem is not simple and difficult to solve just by changing labels in menus.

And the reason of this change is a cosmetic enhancement.
This is a good reason, but not a major reason.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS
KiCad Developers team.
KiCad Developers <kicad-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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