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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.


At Sunday 27 of November 2011 18:56:40 from Dick Hollenbeck:
> There is no scenario in which %g will produce exponents, given the bounded
> data that we are throwing at it.  The bounded data consists of the 4
> billion BIU integers multiplied by a few select BFU scaling factors.  One
> could take my test program and write a for loop, redirect the output to a
> text file, and grep through it looking for exponents.  If I am wrong, I
> will revisit the %.10g decision.

---- file: testg.c ----
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
	printf("%.10g\n", 0.000001);
	return 0;
vovanium@microvovanium:~/tmp$ gcc testg.c
vovanium@microvovanium:~/tmp$ ./a.out 

Oops! :-)


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