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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.


On 27/nov/2011, at 23:44, Vladimir Uryvaev wrote:
>> So it is not clear to me that a function written by you for this purpose
>> would serve previously stated goals.
>> If you are insistent on no exponents in the number, I am insistent on the
>> smallest files including trailing zero removal where we can.
> Being self documenting and smallest size are contradict features, don't you 
> think? ;) Self documeting means adding redundant information, and shrinking 
> size meand removing it.
>> fprintf( fp, "example coord: %3s %3s\n",
>>    biuFmt( pad.x() ).c_str(), biuFmt( pad.y() ).c_str() );
> Why don't you use iostreams for this?

Sorry if I'm entering in this discussion that late, i were away for a long time from the project and discussions here.
Looking to the discussion i can understand both points of view, i like readibility and i hate loose space on my HD.
Since we are talking about a file format change and a rewrite, was already weighted the possibility of take advantage of wxwidgets 
using wxZlib(Input/Output)Stream and/or wxString::Printf  ?
We could also thing about a successive expansion and use Zip format instead storing multiple versions of the project and/or to add library cache in the future.

Just my 5c,