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Re: OSX and new Icons


Le 10/12/2011 09:48, Marco Serantoni a écrit :

On 10/dic/2011, at 08:14, jean-pierre charras wrote:

Le 10/12/2011 02:18, Martijn Kuipers a écrit :
On Dec 9, 2011, at 8:51 PM, Marco Serantoni wrote:

Hi folks,
I'm as usual doing my semestral build of Kicad, one is for Xmas.
I've noticed that icons were changed i wish to compliment with the author for the enhancement, i appreciated the KDE style but
i'm afraid that could be confusing for operations like New, Open and Save that are usually coded in a different way under
Windows and OSX.

Now passing to the problem, i've noticed that also the icons for the applications are changed, to make them appear correctly
under OSX i need to a bitmap of different square sizes: 16,32,128,256,512 needed for a icns file (icon).
Are those avaiable ? otherwise i had to still use the old icons and create a new one for PCB Calculator.

If you need only a png version of icons,
you can just convert the source icons (see bitmaps_png/sources/*.svg) to various png icons sizes
using Inkscape (It was used to create the svg files).
sources icons are vectored, and can be converted to any size without loss of quality.
Inkscape has a build-in png exporter.

Jean pierre,
I've already seen those, the problem is that i can't find the PCB Calulator one, someone could suggest me the filename ?



Jean-Pierre CHARRAS