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Re: Library License


> So if what we have is communism, this explains why there are no significant parts in our
> libraries.  My earlier remarks are NOT a knock on those who signed up to improve our
> libraries.  It is just a recognition that communism does not work.

> Dick

Well, I think they (communists) tried to solve too large set of problems in one go. Capitalism created a nice or not so nice set of limits which problem solvers needed to follow... I certainly see the same effect in KiCad. There is so much to do to satisfy everyone's needs that the problem seems impossible to solve. From my view the priorities are new file formats, libraries and graphics (KiCad-GAL). Only bug fixing in between.

Regarding libraries, the discussion few years ago got to a point that "library team" is ready to proceed, but needs to postpone their enthusiasm until new file formats are defined and some tools updated. I guess we are still there, but way closer to the goal thanks to you. Library license should be as liberal as possible, but I'm not sure about CC0 as someone will do a commercial rip off as soon as it gets good enough. I don't see that as a big problem to worry about though. One has to be able to endure some unfairness so survive...