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Re: Library License


There is a very easy solution to all this - use the LGPL for anything that gets distributed with kicad and don't think or talk about it any more. - Ever.

Here is why - no single symbol or footprint design would be protected in court in the real world other than if the whole body of work (the complete libraries) were lifted. The use in a design is derivative work thus free to be used.

In the mean time this thread is distracting from activities that would actually advance kicad. Non of us will get the time wasted thinking about this back at the end of our lives. If I can spend the rest of my life without having to talk to another lawyer about IP property, I would consider that a great victory.

Don't get stuck in the tar trap. It is a 'motivational energy sink'. No good will come of it. It is like a cheating girl friend - just move on - don't look back. Or Cancer - cut it off and live life. Don't let this steal your time...

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