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Re: Library License


Thank you all for contribute to this discussion.

Yesterday, I searched a local law (Japan) for a board design,
and finally I know that board designs are not protected by copyright
(as brian says).

Then, what's the meaning of library license?
How we use the licensed library in our own project? (like GPL, LGPL, BSD, CC...)
We have to write the text of the license on the board? or include the
text in a same package with the board?

I want to use KiCad completely honesty.

We are all developers and have much knowledge about open source. But
this discussion is still difficult..
The library is not for developers but for USERS. All of KiCad USERS
are not developers. I think there are many guys who are not familiar
with open source. So my opinion is same as Element's.

> Libraries and modules distributed with Kicad should be public domain for maximum flexibility.

I think only the KiCad default library should be released under public
domain for ease of use for everyone.
Of course, other third party's library should be released their own license.


On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 8:10 AM, Brian F. G. Bidulock
<bidulock@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Karl,
> On Fri, 23 Mar 2012, Karl Schmidt wrote:
>> There is a very easy solution to all this - use the LGPL for anything
>> that gets distributed with kicad and don't think or talk about it any
>> more. - Ever.
> An LGPL work distributed and intended only to work with a GPL work is
> derivative of the GPL work (according to the license's own definitions)
> and the entirety is therefore subject to the GPL.
> So, why fool anyone into thinking that LGPL applies to anything in Kicad?
> Besides, what do you care?  Copyright certainly does not apply to printed
> circuit boards or designs in the US...
> --brian
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