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Re: Footprint Wizard Farnell/Eagle.scr/Ultra librarian, and scripting, how to integrate


On 08/10/2012 01:30 PM, Miguel Angel wrote:
> SCR is the file format that Farnell provides for eagle, I think they export from ultra librarian

It does seem to be eagle script.

Here is from the README which comes in the zip:

This CAD library is for CadSoft - EAGLE tool

To import your new library into EAGLE:

1. Start EAGLE.
2. Select File -> New -> Library from the menu.
3. In the blank library window, select File -> Script from the menu.
4. Select the EDIT tab.
5. Browse to the correct EAGLE Script file (".scr" file extension) in the file "Open" window.
6. After opening the file, the script will populate the new library.
7. Use File -> Save (or Save As..) to save the library to the desired location in EAGLE
native format.

It might as well have a *.ulp file extension. In general file extensions don't often tell
you much.

This is basically lock-in, since I think Element 14 bought the company which was making Eagle.
I have not bought much from them in a while, and probably will not.

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