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Re: Scripting build on Windows


On 25 October 2012 11:40, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo <miguelangel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> You're right Brian, that's the reason why you couldn't see the scripting
> console button at the toolbar
> and pcbnew didn't incorporate the scripting "ui" things inside, the lack of
> wxPython (that as far as I know
> just substitute wx itself).
> I think there is another compile switch you must enable yet for scripting:
> KICAD_SCRIPTING  <-- enables scripting inside pcbnew
> KICAD_SCRIPTING_MODULES <--- builds a pcbnew.dll for standalone python
> KICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON  <---- builds all the UI stuff dependent on
> wxPython inside pcbnew
> Thanks a lot for taking care of the windows build!! :)

Hi Miguel,

I cheated by shifting the wxpython headers in to my wxWidgets source
directory quickly and after building, PCBNEW failed to start because
it couldn't init wxPython. So tonight I'll build wxPython from source
and point KiCad towards it. That should get me a sane build on Windows
and we can see how it goes from there.

Luckily wxPython have a 2.9.4 source tree, which is what we need on Windows.

Thanks for adding scripting support to KiCad! :-D

Best Regards, Brian.

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