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Re: Idea for getting funds for KiCad,


Assembly sounds good too! Slowly, we're getting to a one click PCB
solution.  :)

A solution to reduce the complexity of the association between components
and part numbers could be to keep the part number in the component itself.

It may sound a bit unorthodox, but let me try to explain how I use the

1. I have one component in the library for each component in «real life»
(for example, I have one component 0R_0603, one 100R_0603, one 100R_0805,
and so on). This increases the number of components in the libraries,
because I don't use the Value field, but I found it way faster to place
components than to place a component and change its value every time. And
there's also another upside with this approach: I can associate each
component to a manufacturer, a manufacturer part number, a supplier and a
supplier part number, using its user fields;

2. Then, when I make a schematic, I run a python script on the schematic
folder which will get all the components in my central library and collects
all the instances of every component in the schematic. Then, this script
outputs, for every supplier, the BOM (it even outputs on different formats,
depending on the supplier, so I can just copy the content of the output
file, go to Farnell website, for example, paste it, and close the order).

With this approach, it's rather easy to implement this functionality. What
about the S-expression libraries? Would it become easier to implement this,
with the new library and component formats?


Tomé Veríssimo
e-mail: tomeverissimo@xxxxxxxxx
MP: + 351 91 435 31 45
gTalk: tomeverissimo

On 21 November 2012 21:55, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo <miguelangel@xxxxxxx>wrote:

> It sounds good too, more complex , but good,
> Another more option is PCB Assembly (get quote to get your pcb
> manufactured, prototype or production),
> Miguel Angel Ajo
> http://www.nbee.es
> +34911407752
> skype: ajoajoajo
> On 21/11/2012, at 22:43, Tomé Veríssimo <tomeverissimo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> To me, it sounds good, but probably I'm pretty naïve on these subjects.
> In case this idea is supported, let me throw some cards on the table as
> well: same thing for component suppliers. One button BOM -> component
> order, with real time prices. Hardest part, I believe, would be associating
> schematic components and supplier part numbers.
> Regards,
> Tomé
> --
> Tomé Veríssimo
> e-mail: tomeverissimo@xxxxxxxxx
> MP: + 351 91 435 31 45
> gTalk: tomeverissimo
> On 21 November 2012 20:38, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo <miguelangel@xxxxxxx>wrote:
>> It could be a "brain fart", but I wanted to share it before I forget, and
>> see what you think,
>>     Ok, just imagine, that we arranged a server for KiCad, that had a
>> pool of PCB manufacturers, great,
>> then users in KiCad, at "manufacture time" could have access to this pool
>> right from KiCad, easily, instantly quoted
>> on parameters provided by each manufacturer. Nice feature for all users.
>>     Then, how to monetize it, and gather funds to keep KiCad getting
>> developed where we want it:
>>       Option A): charge a % from the manufacturer, harder to control, as
>> we must know that the transaction happened correctly.
>>       Option B): let the PCB manufacturer providers pay monthly (auction
>> style) to go up in the list.
>>       What do you think about it?
>>     Greetings!, mike
>> Miguel Angel Ajo
>> http://www.nbee.es
>> +34911407752
>> skype: ajoajoajo
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