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Re: [PATCH] Implementing X3D model support to 3d-viewer


Le 22/03/2013 17:43, Tuomas a écrit :
so I have made some changes:

I extracted old vrml parsing functions from S3D_MASTER and created a VRML_MODEL_PARSER class from them. I added an factory method to abstract S3D_MODEL_PARSER class which can construct the correct parser based on file extension.
The code now supports vrml exporting when board contains x3d models.
X3D_MODEL_PARSER now also supports rotation property in the transform nodes.

What do you think? Diff against r4022

- Tuomas

Good patch, Tuomas.
I committed it with very minor changes.

If you volunteer, you could try to enhance the vrml import, because currently, it is just able to read files from Wings3D. Some tools can export vrml files, but they are usually not readable by Pcbnew becuse the vrml parser is very poor.
A better parser could allow import for other 3D modelers.


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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