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Re: Python Scripting on Windows with KiCad-Winbuilder


On 4 August 2013 23:45, Brian Sidebotham <brian.sidebotham@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 4 August 2013 22:42, Brian Sidebotham <brian.sidebotham@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> On 4 August 2013 22:19, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Any platform detection tests can cause grief, since we do not claim to
>>> be Windows in the
>>> python runtime.  We claim to be "gcc compiled" with some other attribute
>>> that talks about
>>> OS (cannot remember).  If you were to do a diff across the entire
>>> bracket of a-ming-us
>>> revisions,
>>> bzr diff -r 1..latest  <regression tests>
>>> limited to the regression test directories,
>>> you will find one of the patches I applied to test for our platform
>>> specifically.  It will
>>> be the one with "gcc" in it.  We cannot report "Windows" as our platform
>>> because mingw and
>>> MSVC actually do a couple weird regression tests differently.
>>> If PyCrust is assuming a limited set of platforms, it may be coming up
>>> short and running
>>> into an unsupported platform code path.
>>> Dick
>> Thanks for the great information Dick. I've just done a quick test
>> directly through Python-a-mingw-us:
>> Python 2.7.4 (default, Mar 18 2013, 12:04:44) [gcc] on win32
>> Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>> >>> import wx
>> >>> app = wx.App(redirect=True)
>> >>> top = wx.Frame(None, title="PyCrust Helper",size=(800,300))
>> >>> import wx.py.crust
>> >>> cframe = wx.py.crust.CrustFrame(parent = top)
>> >>> top.Show()
>> >>> cframe.Show()
>> >>> app.MainLoop()
>> PyCrust crashes as soon as you focus on it. So this can at least be
>> debugged without KiCad sitting ontop.
>> PyCrust has worked previously with PyCrust because I've used it. So this
>> problem shouldn't be too bad to solve.
>>  Thanks again.
>> Best Regards, Brian.
> The STC sample in the wxPython build (From the wxWidgets library, i.e. the
> cpp sample) behaves exactly the same, hanging on focus. I need to fix the
> wxWidgets-cmake project.
> I'm on the case and a fix should arrive in our inbox shortly! Probably
> just got some compiler definitions wrong or something.
> Best Regards, Brian.
Fixed! I'll release updated versions tomorrow (It takes a while to build
all the different versions and upload them to Launchpad!)

That means that KiCad build is fully successful as far as I've tested so

We just need to sort out the readline module in Python-a-mingw-us.I'd like
to add the FindPythonLibs.cmake modules and what-not to that project too,
and do a debug version along with a source tarball. Then people can debug
their python modules through the python interpreter itself too. That really
helps when you're writing a module in C. I'll include an example module in
the install too.

Best Regards, Brian.

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