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Re: GitHub Plugin (my nemesis)


On 10/6/2017 5:43 AM, Rene Pöschl wrote:
> On 02/10/17 11:37, Simon Küppers wrote:
>> I am no expert, but this question is out of the scope of this thread..
>> For downloading, gut applies compression anyway.
>> I respect the people having slow Internet lines.. However as shown a
>> few posts backwards, the whole footprints and symbol library is like
>> 100 megabytes without the 3d models. If think the benefit of a single
>> repo outways the ability to download only a selection of libraries...
>> By a LOT.
> I agree with you here. Lets ignore the 3d model stuff and get back
> talking about the footprint libs.
> We are planning a massive library reorganization. (for the v5 release)
> This will require a lot more footprint libs. If all these new libs are
> all in a separate repo then this can not be done!
> In addition to the new repos the old once still need to exist (and have
> at least one footprint each) because otherwise the github plugin will
> stop working for everyone who has this old repo in their fp-lib-table.
> **We library managers require whatever lib distribution is used to
> support one repo that holds all footprint libs.** (one repo that has the
> pretty folders as subdirectorys)
> To be honest i do not care what will be used as long as this requirement
> is fulfilled.
> We would really need a decision soon. Are you guys prepared to help us
> out here such that we can move on with the lib reorganization? (The
> details of how you do it can be discussed later.)

I thought I already addressed this issue but I will reiterate.  I am
fine with the footprint library reorganization as long as the existing
footprint library repos remain in tact for existing users.  These
libraries do not need to be updated but we cannot remove them.  The
other thing that will have to happen is that our package devs will have
to buy into packaging the new footprint library repo as part of the
install packages.  We will have to agree on an install path (
${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/share/kicad/footprints seems logical) and make
the default fp-lib-table file use the local install path with the KiCad
plugin instead of the github plugin fp-lib-table.  I don't think this
will be a major issue.  Does anyone have any major objections to this?
If not, we will make this part of the stable 5 release.



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