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Re: wxStaticBoxSizer fixes


Le 11/01/2018 à 19:29, Chris Pavlina a écrit :
> Interesting. I wonder if we could implement a wrapper around
> wxStaticBoxSizers to fix the issue rather than switching away from them
> - they look much nicer than the replacement. Which KDE version are you
> using specifically? I'd like to have a look at this.
> (Would be nice if these fixes could also be submitted upstream...)

I am using Kubuntu 14.04 LTS.
This is a old version, but it is a good version to test build issues
(I have a more recent version installed: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Unity for other tests:
Unity has its own issues)
I am thinking my WM version is KDE 4
Note also the issue is annoying only when using wxNotebooks.

This issue is especially noticeable with wxWidgets built against GTK3 (although GTK3 is not usable
because wxDC just does not work for us: it is broken).

About: "look much nicer than the replacement", it is hard to have a strong opinion:
Remember, the beauty is in the eye of the guy who is looking at.

For me, I prefer the replacement on KDE and the wxStaticBoxSizer version on Windows.

Good luck.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS