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Re: Pads front and F.Cu visibility, possible bugs?


On 2018-02-08 07:02 AM, kristoffer Ödmark wrote:
for example, disbling rendering of front footprints disables all the F.Silk, F.Fab, adhesive and many more.

Disabling the rendering of Text on the front only disables text belonging to a footprint, no other. Basically the Render tab does not do what it says at all.

A lot of this seems to because of what is set in pcb_draw_panel_gal.cpp:417

There is a lot of SetRequired-> (layer, layer)

And that implementation seems broken, could someone shed some light on the purpose there?
Is turning layers on and off being done partly through some automatic feature of GAL? If so, and it appears it can't handle all the situations possible when turning on/off layers in the right-hand side options extra code could be added to turn on/off appropriate layers or features based after a change is made to the layer/feature visibility options.



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