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Re: [RFC] Able to install KiCad stable and "daily build" in same computer



Am 12.04.2018 um 15:47 schrieb Reece R. Pollack:
> I'm a relative newbie to KiCad, but I've been a software engineer since 
> the early 1980. I'd prefer to see KiCad installed in a self-contained 
> manner, meaning all installed files end up under one directory hierarchy 
> rather than being spread all over the filesystem.

well, KiCad isn't installing "some there" and "all over" the various
systems. If you think so you have a impression that is different from
the reality.

> This is how Xilinx 
> ISE, Eagle, and many other packages are installed, and it makes it very 
> easy to keep multiple versions. This would be a major change in 
> strategy, though.

If all software projects would follow the common rules on the various
platform it would be easier for all. But especially Windows based
software follows often some "own" rules as it's simply possible.

> Regardless, I agree that file names or paths should include the major 
> version number. The executable file "kicad" should be renamed "kicad5" 
> for V5. The directory under /usr/lib and /usr/share should be renamed 
> from "kicad" to "kicad5". And so on. Under Linux (or at least the 
> Debian-derived distros) the "update-alternatives" utility can be used to 
> select which version is run using the "kicad", "pcbnew", and "eeschema" 
> commands.

updates-alternatives has a different approach as you think. It's not
designated for this solution you think off.


Carsten Schoenert

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