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Re: Joy of multi-platform development


Le 16/08/2018 à 15:40, Jeff Young a écrit :
> Cool.  Let me know if you need any more OSX-assistance.
> Cheers,
> Jeff.


I just committed a better fix in commit 6fdc5972.
I am thinking the main issue was the use of the string "BkSp" instead of
"Back" as accelerator in menu label.

I also fixed the fact the hotkey config was resetting to unassigned
every key name not found in list.
Now only keys are set to unassigned only if in hotkey file they have the
name "<unassigned>" (previously, this name was written in file, but not
used when reading the file)

It should work on OSX.

I still have WXK_BACK key issue in menus on Ubuntu/Unity (but not on
Ubuntu/KDE) in GAL mode:
Using a menuitem label like "Delete \t\b" display the hotkey (this is
the way used in Legacy mode) but using a wxAcceleratorEntry to specify
the accelerator key (this is the way used in GAL mode for context menus)
does not work.

Note also there are a few other Ubuntu/Unity specific issues.

>> On 16 Aug 2018, at 12:05, jp charras <jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Le 16/08/2018 à 12:11, Jeff Young a écrit :
>>> Hi JP,
>>> Your menu fix for LINUX does work for OSX as well.  The problem is that
>>> because it didn’t understand the hotkey *before* your fix it ends up
>>> writing 0 (“<unassigned>”) into the hotkeys config, so you have to have
>>> your fix *and* you have to reset your hotkeys to default.
>>> Is there any way around that second part, or should we just live with it?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Jeff.
>> Looks like Backspace key creates issues.
>> Issues depend on the way used to assign a accelerator key to a menu.
>> In Legacy mode, the accelerator key is a string added to the menuitem label.
>> In Gal mode, the accelerator key is added by a wxAcceleratorEntry.
>> For the specific '\b' code, the wxAcceleratorEntry does not show the
>> accelerator in menu (both on Linux and Windows), but when added in menu
>> label, it works on Linux (as said previously, not on Windows).
>> I am currently working on it to try to understand what happens.
>> It takes a while because Windows, Ubuntu/KDE and Ubuntu/Unity does not
>> show exactly the same menu.
>> Besides, Kicad uses "BkSp" as accelerator string (working on Windows)
>> but it should be "Back".
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