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Re: GAL canvas strategy - testers needed!


Le 19/09/2018 à 17:36, Jeff Young a écrit :
> The 74LS00 in my (admittedly dated) library aren’t filled.  Are they in more recent libraries?
> (If so, we’ll need to back out my change as it will indeed affect them.)

Hi Jeff,

your commit e6734def0 create issues with filled bodies:
The comment say:
"Make sure filled polygons are closed when rendering"

But Eeschema do not use polygons, only polylines (of course if closed it
is a polygon...)
When filled by foreground color, one can close the polygon because the
added segment has the same color as the outline, but not when filled
with background color, because closing the polyline add a unwanted (an
unnecessary) segment to the polyline.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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