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Re: 5.1



On 10/19/2018 11:53 AM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> Am 2018-10-19 03:37, schrieb Maciej Sumiński:
>> As far as I remember there are two problems related to GTK versions:
>> - Having KiCad and wxPython build againt different toolkits results in
>> wxWidgets symbol conflicts when wxPython is loaded.
>> This issue should be resolved by linking KiCad against the same library
>> as is used for building wxPython.
>> - Rendering/printing problems in eeschema and pcbnew.
>> This one is already fixed by providing GAL renderer for eeschema and
>> pcbnew. As you have correctly noticed, legacy renderer is broken with
>> GTK3 in pcbnew and eeschema, so I think it is reasonable to disable it
>> there in the initial stage.
> Hi Orson-
> Disabling legacy in pcbnew makes sense to me for the gtk3 builds. 
> Wayne, does this fit with the overall plan for 5.1?
> I see this implemented as a CMAKE flag that gets force-enabled when we
> build against gtk3 along with the WX_OVERLAY flag.  Does anyone see any
> issues with this?

I don't see how we can keep the legacy canvas in pcbnew without creating
a huge amount of extra work.  A build option is the way to go.  I seems
the easiest fix would be to just remove the legacy canvas option from
the menu(s) and add some code to force the canvas to the fallback modern
canvas if the legacy canvas is the current user selection.  I still need
to do some testing over the weekend with gtk3 builds of wx before I can
make a fully informed decision.

> -Seth